Posted by: stormymoon | July 8, 2010

about me…

I grew up in Ocean Beach, a small community in San Diego, California. I am an artist, poet, teacher, lover, mother, grandmother, tree-hugger and recycler. I studied art, textiles and costume design at San  Diego State University. I’ve worked in costume shops, print shops, and even flea markets, but art and writing have always been my passion. My day job is a Special Education Instructional Assistant, working with special needs high school students.

I am a published children’s writer & illustrator. My first children’s picture book,  An Aarmory of Aardvarks, A Zeal of Zebras, is coming out soon by Orchard House Press. My poetry has appeared in SageWoman magazine, Buffalo Women’s Vision, The League of Laboring Poets Spring 2008 Issue, San Diego Poetry Annual 2010, and my collection of poetry, Road Warriors was named the Best Unpublished Poetry Chapbook 2010, by the San Diego Book Awards Association. 

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy writing, painting, going to the beach, camping in the meadow, and celebrating winter and summer solstice. I express myself through words, and passionate swirls of acrylics, gouache, caran d’ ache, handcast paper and shedded snakeskin. My astrological sign is Cancer and I was born in the year of the Tiger, an interesting combination of forces. The search for balance continues. 

A word on poetry:  Give me unexpected clarity. Give me subtle cohesiveness. Make me pay attention to the words scribbled in the margins.



  1. Love your imagery. Did you illustrate it. Super. I’m a fiction writer of short stories and now a novel.

    Best Regards,

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